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Teach and Assess Medical Decision Making

Learning the science of medical decision making is one of the most important and difficult skills for medical learners. Traditionally this has required expert clinicians giving one-on-one mentoring during clinical rotations. Clinician's time is extremely limited and the variation in pathology exposure is left up to chance. These factors limit the critically important experience learners require to become expert diagnosticians.

VxMED gives young diagnosticians an experience not found anywhere else and jumpstarts their clinical reasoning skills. Discover for yourself and schedule a demo call with one of our physician Founders.

"We need more of these modules!" TTUHSC MS3


"Interesting way to learn the material! Helps learn "what to do next", which is something that I've struggled to correctly identify on exam questions."

"It is a pretty fun and interactive way to study"


"This definitely beats textbook and flashcard learning. This platform has loads of potential! I like that you can open a web browser and perform searches in the VR mode."


"Awesome! I like the idea getting to do a virtual differential diagnosis and how you can get lots of practice in taking symptoms and running the appropriate tests."

"Very good at making you think in a clinical sense instead of learning through reading a textbook"

Independently Administered

Student Satisfaction Survey Results

When individually rating VxMED and Aquifer for Enjoyability and Effectiveness using a Likert scale students report the following:

95% vs 59%

VxMED vs Aquifer

Enjoyability Rating

96% vs 68%

VxMED vs Aquifer

Effectiveness Rating

These results are from independently delivered student perception surveys for required coursework at TTUHSC School of Medicine.

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